Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2019

Meeting Minutes

St. Peter’s Academy Governing Board

Approved Meeting Minutes

JUNE 26, 2018


  • Rev. Andrew Jefferson
  • Mr. Robert Temple
  • Mr. John Rorick
  • Rev. Larry Taylor
  • Ms. Ruth Jefferson
  • Ms. Gloria Finch
  • Ms. Constance Smith
  • Ms. Jennifer Lopez


The St. Peter’s Academy Governing Board meeting was
called to order at 10:00 a.m. June 26 , 2018 with prayer by Mr. Taylor.


The minutes of April 2018 were read. After discussion, it
was motioned by Mr. Taylor and seconded by Mr. Temple that the minutes be accepted. The motion was carried and the minutes were approved.


Quarterly Financial 2018 – The Quarterly Financial Report ending June 2018 was presented for review. As of June 2018 the Balance Sheet, Total Liabilities and Fund Balance was $455,981.00. After discussion, Mr. Temple motioned for approval of the Quarterly Financial Report; Mr. Rorick seconded the motion. The motion was carried; the Quarterly Financial Report was approved.


  • Final Budget 2017 – 18: Mrs. Jefferson presented the 2017 – 18 Final Budget for approval. After review and discussion, Mr. Larry Taylor motioned for approval of the Final Budget 2017 – 18; Mr. Rorick seconded the motion. The 2017-18 Final Budget was approved.
  • Budget Amendments 2017-18: Mrs. Jefferson indicated that there are a few accounts that needed to be amended after all receipts and expenditures were totaled. She then presented the Budget Amendments for review and approval. After review and discussion, Mr. Rorick motioned for approval of the Final Budget Amendments 2017-18; Mr. Temple seconded the motion. The 2017-18 Budget Amendments were approved.
  • Approval of Capital Outlay Plan: Mrs. Finch presented the 2018-19 Capital Outlay Plan for approval. She indicated that the school will continue to use the Capital Outlay funds for monthly lease payments. After discussion, on motion by Mr. Taylor seconded by Mr. Temple, the Capital Outlay Plan was approved.
  • St. Peter’s Academy Mental Health Plan: Mrs. Jefferson indicated that the Florida Department of Education hosted a webinar for charter schools regarding the mental health assistance allocation included in House Bill 7026 (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act) on June 14, 2018 as a result of the school shootings. She said that Board must approve the Plan for St. Peter’s which as presented includes hiring a Mental Health Specialist, procedures for assessments, screenings and student support services. She stated it is anticipated that the funds needed would be around $60,000. After review and discussion on motion by Mr. Temple seconded by Mr. Taylor the Board voted to approve the Plan as presented.
  • School Improvement Plan 2017-18 and School Recognition: Mrs. Jefferson discussed the 2017-18 School Improvement Plan. She stated that the goals and objectives discussed were met as planned for mid year and end of year. Mrs. Jefferson stated that the children and teachers worked very hard and that student progress was evident. She said that if the school earned a letter grade A, that the Board and staff would have to determine how school recognition funds would be distributed. She said if we continue as in previous years, that the funds will be distributed to all staff at 2%. After discussion it was determined that the school will continue to the follow the plan set in previous years.


  • Summer school began on June 4, 2018 and will end on July 14, 2018.


The meeting was moved for Adjournment at 11:00 a.m.