Our Academy

How we got started

St. Peter's Preparatory Academy is one of Indian River County's first Charter schools founded in 1996 by Pastor Andrew Jefferson.

The school began its first year of operation in 1997 targeting at-risk students in grades k-6th grade. The school is a top performing school earning an "A" grade by the Florida Department of Education and students enrolled consistently perform at or above levels in all grades. Key components of the school include high academic, behavioral expectations, a school environment that fosters academic achievement, dedicated and professionally competent staff, and the creative involvement of parents in all phases of the school operations so that they assume a contractual obligation for their children's education. The school is accountable to it's Sponsor, Indian River County School District, the Florida Department of Education, students, Parents and the community at large through a continuous cycle of planning, evaluation and refinement. The School is non-sectarian, non discriminatory, does not charge tuition or fees and welcomes all students.

How we do it?

We continue to push, individualizing, and educating our students in core academics, physical activity and the arts. We appropriate social skill/character development, health/safety, home management, community education and recreational pursuits.

This enables our students from grades VPK to 6th grade to continue to work on and improve their skills and confidence in reading, writing, calculation, decision making, and communicating, thus increasing their success and positive experiences in the community, workplace, and social relationships; building a promising pathway into the future.

  • We are an "A" School.
  • We only hire passionate, dedicated educators.
  • Our staff has High Professional Standards.
  • We act as role models to our children
  • No Child gets left behind!

Why we do it?

It's simple, the staff and faculty here at SPPA care about the future of our youth. We believe it is necessary to promote leadership, responsibility and dedication. Here at SPPA failure is not an option.

The vision and purpose of St. Peter's Preparatory Academy is to demonstrate that students can learn at high levels, through an academically rigorous and innovative curriculum that incorporates the development of good character. The School's academic performance objectives consist of ensuring that all students receive a well-rounded education that includes mastery in Mathematics, Reading and Language Arts.

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